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Coaching Bio


How many seasons have you been with The Diff/Arete?

8 seasons

What inspired you to join The Diff/Arete?

I wanted to coach for a club who valued the girl instead of the athlete.  

How has The Diff/Arete made a difference in your life?

I have learned so much while coaching at The Diff.  I have learned new ways to train, but the biggest thing that has changed in my coaching is how I help athletes build mental toughness.  I have learned so much about character building and toughness and I not only use it in the gym with my athletes, but also in my classroom with my students.

What motivates you to achieve excellence?

I am a teacher.  It is what I do, and it is so rewarding to work with an athlete and see them grow.  It feels good to know that you are helping young girls achieve their dreams.  I want to share my knowledge and experiences to help others.

What are your other passions besides volleyball?

When I’m not teaching or coaching I love spending time outside.  I like hiking, mountain biking, camping, skiing or just sitting on my deck enjoying the fresh outdoors.  I also enjoy spending time with my family and of course my dog Levi!  


What are your super powers as a coach?

I love building relationships with athletes that last well beyond the season.  It means so much to have previous athletes contact me for advice or to get some coffee to catch up.

Years of coaching experience:

24 years

List your coaching achievements:

I played volleyball in college.

I coached 14 years at Grandview High School as an assistant where we won 4 state championships.  I also helped build the program because my first year at Grandview was the first year it was open.

As a head coach at Smoky Hill High School I was able to lead our team back to playoffs after many years of missing out.


What are your super powers as a player/athlete?

I feel that as a player I was a great communicator.  I also feel that I had confidence in my abilities and was able to come through for my team when they needed me.

List your playing achievements 

Varsity player all four years of high school

Played college volleyball at Dakota Wesleyan and then Metro State.


Tell us about a coach, educator, mentor, or role model that made a difference in your life:

My dad was my volleyball and track coach in high school.  One thing I always admired about him was the fact that he was never willing to compromise his values.  He stood for something and he fought for it everyday no matter what.  It can be so easy to compromise our values when things get tough so he has always been an inspiration to me because he never did.

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