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18S Head Coach


How many seasons have you been with The Diff/Arete?

I have been at The Diff for 7 seasons 

What inspired you to join The Diff/Arete?

Great coaches, competitive teams, and a faith based environment that supports coaches and families

How has The Diff/Arete made a difference in your life?

I have grown as a coach as I have had the opportunity to work with amazing coaches, and the players I have had have all been a tremendous blessing to me as well.

What motivates you to achieve excellence?

My faith drives me to be the very best I can be, and to give everything I have to my teams.

What are your other passions besides volleyball?

My Faith and Family


What are your super powers as a coach?

Ha! I think God has blessed me with a desire to use volleyball as a way of connecting with athletes and pouring into in a way that allows me to see the best in them and try and help them work to always give what they have to their teammates. 

Years of coaching experience:

I have coached for 25 years 

List your coaching achievements: 

Well surviving high school athletics for 23 years feels like a big one, but really I feel like the relationships that I continue to have with players  that I have coached over the years is my biggest achievement.. Also I think having so many players earn awards as players, but then go on to really make an impact on their world has been something that I have been honored to be part of. 

State Semis 2016-2018, state runner up 2016

2019 Crossroads 18 USA Champions, and Gold finish at 2019 USAV Nationals


What are your super powers as a player/athlete?

As a player I am strongest on defense, and can read others pretty well. I learned early on to play smart, and to have that knowledge evolve as I played against another team.

List your playing achievements 

Nothing that impressive, I played in high school and loved my coaches and teammates. 

Tell us about a coach, educator, mentor, or role model that made a difference in your life:

The person who hired me for my first coaching position had a huge impact in my life. He gave a young 19 year old kid a chance and saw something in me that I didn’t know was there. Since that time I have tried to do the same thing with the players that I coach. I always want to see the best in them, their potential, and then do whatever I can to help support them both on the court and in life. He also helped me understand that who I was as a person would influence the young women that I coached far more than what I could ever hope to teach them on the court. 

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