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15S Assistant Coach

How many seasons have you been with The Diff? 

4 (player years)

What inspired you to join The Diff?

The impact that all of the coaches made on my life at the Diff while I was a player both on and off the court. The Diff for me was a truly special program that I wanted to continue to be apart of once my playing career ended.

How has The Diff impacted your life?

The Diff was entirely different than any other club I played at throughout my club career. The coaches truly invest in you as both an athlete and a young girl going through all of the triumphs and trials of your life that that timing brings. The training that I was lucky enough to receive at the Diff helped me to earn a division 1 scholarship. Nevertheless, the life lessons that I learned from the coaches were the real impact that this club has left on me. I could not be more excited to hopefully play that same role in the lives of the girls that I get the opportunity to coach here at the Diff.

What motivates you to excel?

Wanting to make a difference in the lives of those that I encounter throughout my lifetime and wanting to build a future for myself.

What are your passions outside of volleyball?

Taking care of my 5 mo puppy, hiking

Years of coaching

This is my first year

What are/were your superpowers as an athlete?

Loved to be in the gym, defense/Serve Receive

Share about a coach/mentor/etc. who made a difference in your life.

Krista Soloman & Carrie Glenn were my first coaches at the Diff. They introduced me to an entirely different way of looking at the game of volleyball. Even when they weren’t my direct coach they both continually helped me to improve my mental game which helped me to excel with my skills. When they were my 15s coach I had lost a high school teammate in a car wreck. They both guided me then to really turn to my faith sending verses and songs to me throughout the grieving process that I still look at and listen to. I had never had to turn to my faith like that and they were very influential in helping me to do that. They showed me that there is so much more to life than just volleyball and that I am so much more than just a volleyball player. They support me in everything I do to this day years later!

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