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16S Head Coach

How many seasons have you been with The Diff/Arete?


What inspired you to join The Diff/Arete?

I loved what The Diff stood for and the community it created.

How has The Diff/Arete impacted your life?

It has helped me grow as a coach. I've learned so much from all the other coaches

What motivates you to excel?

I like seeing just what I'm capable of.

What are your passions outside of volleyball?

My dogs, running, reading

What are your superpowers as a coach? My ability to communicate with players

Years of coaching


List coaching achievements or accolades

Metro League Coach of the Year

What are/were your superpowers as an athlete? Mental toughness

Share about a coach/mentor/etc. who made a difference in your life.

My first year coaching I was Krista's assistant and watching how she coached made me want to be a coach.

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